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Repurposed Dresser Before & After

I have really been needing a sideboard for my dining room for awhile now, and when I found this dresser for 15 dollars on Craigslist I knew it was perfect. It came to me in really rough shape, and smelled like it had been in someone’s basement for the past ten years. I threw some baking soda in all the drawers and let it sit for a week or so before I started its’ makeover.


 This piece really needed a lot of work. Veneer was chipping off all over the place, and there were dents and scratches all over it. I decided to keep all the dents and scratches on it in order for it to look really aged.

I took all the drawers out and completely sanded the entire piece. Then I primed both the drawers and frame and let it cure for a couple of days. The most important step when repurposing furniture is to ensure you properly prep the piece. Unless you are using Ann Sloan chalk paint, you mostly always need to sand and prime.

After my prep work I painted the entire piece a bright white.


I wanted the piece to look aged, so I decided to go with my favorite aging method: glazing. I used an old, cheap makeup brush to paint each drawer with tinted glaze.

Afterwards I wiped off the glaze with a damp rag, then repeated this process with a dry rag. Everyone has a different method of glazing, and this is what works best for me. I focus on small sections of a piece of furniture at a time.

I sealed the piece with a wax, and added new hardware from Hobby Lobby on the bottom two drawers. I kept the original hardware on the smaller drawers.

I love how it came out!

Here is a close up shot of the repurposed dresser where you can see how the glaze ages the piece. I also took a piece of sandpaper and distressed the decorative accents.

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